Victory On East Hastings

Very pleased to have collberated with CR Avery on his directorial debut Victory on East Hastings. Due for release in 2021


Galway 1983 sets the scene at the premiere of The Long Dark Night, a modern fairytale ballet to a packed house of rowdy Irish locals. In the Second Act a riot erupts when authorities try to stop the controversial performance. In the violent clash that follows two theatre ushers are killed and the ballet is banned in all of Europe.

Fast forward to East Van present day, and a risque low brow dance troupe known for there political spin on rock n' roll, not fit for radio hip-hop entwined with burlesque comedie and big chorus line circus numbers driven by dirty-word boho blues, anonymously receive a package with choreography, music, notes, and photographs of The Long Dark Night to their east-side dance studio. They decide to mount this once banned in Galway ballet, as its uprising of the town people's story parallels with there own. And as they do, the ghost of the two killed theatre ushers appear to help lead them to Victory!

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