July 28, 2020

Very pleased to have collberated with CR Avery on his directorial debut Victory on East Hastings. Due for release in 2021

August 8, 2019

A poem to support the campaign for Repealing the 8th Amendment to the constitution of Ireland, to allow for adequate heath care of women during


January 30, 2017

#StateOfUs is delighted to be hosting a room in association with Folk Alliance Australia at this years Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, Feb 16th - 18th. performance (times below) Orlagh will also be playing at the Kansas City Folk Festival on Sund...

June 3, 2015

reviewing work for the new record and found this last was from the 'Lost Highway' demos I did in 2013   .... I kinda liked it so made a little vid for it..... enjoy x


May 25, 2015

#StateOfUs launched on April 30th at CalweyNea/TBWA buildings in Rathmines....with Sarach Clancy poet and activist from Gawlay, CR Avery canadian ambassador of beat n skopenword and special guest appearcne from Canadian songwriter Rose Cousins....  June/July dates comi...

May 25, 2015

New Video Peaceful Anarchy.... even the president agrees.....

April 7, 2015


#StateOfUs is my new punk n pollitical pop up caberet tour. It's launching on April 30th in Dublin. Details on the Facebook page here... Guest on the night will include CR Avery, Sarah Clancy Alma Kali and Rose Cousins.



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